Aqualens Comfort Contact Lens Solution Bottle Of 180 Ml (lens Case Free)

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  Prescription required on this product.

Aqualens Comfort Contact Lens Solution is a multipurpose solution for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, lubricating, moisturizing the soft contact lenses.


Key Benefits

  • It helps to clean the lenses better ans removes the excess protein
  • Makes the lenses more comfortable and soft to wear
  • Locks in moisture and retains it in dry and natural environment
  • Helps to fight lens dehydration due to pollution and varying conditions
  • Helps to form a lubricating shield on the lens
  • Ideal solution for patients who find their lenses drying out by the end of the day
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Hema. M.Mer
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it is very good product.

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Santhosh K
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Good constitute contain all the necessary ingredient.

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I am so glad I found this medicine!

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Very very good product.

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