Bibo Rub-on Vapor Rub - Saver Pack Of 3

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Bibo Rub-On Vapor Rub is an easy to apply tube which makes the application process hygienic. There is no need to dip your finger inside the bottle with this new tube and it makes the process completely mess-free. Bibo Vapor Rub is made of completely pure, harmless and active powerful natural ingredients and it is free from petroleum jelly, parabens and camphor. It is a blend of aloe vera and lavender that nourishes the skin.



  • Bibo Rub-On Vapor Rub is natural, free of petroleum jelly and paraffin.
  • It is safe for babies and kids also.
  • It promotes easy breathing and relieves nausea.
  • It helps loosen the phlegm and is useful against the runny nose, blocked nose, headache, pain and stress.
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Effective medicine for increasing quality.

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Products are good.

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Excellent product

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