Bibo Saline Nasal Spray Fortified With Tulsi Pump Spray Bottle Of 45 Ml (pack Of 3)

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Catching the flu is an everyday problem. From inhaling different germs present in the air to drinking something icy after returning from outdoors in the noon, there could be endless reasons for catching a cold. The easier it is to get affected by the flu but the more difficult is to get rid of one. Bibo Saline Nasal Spray fortified with Tulsi Spray is a very effective solution for this problem. With salt’s germ-killing property and Tulsi’s herbal goodness, the nasal spray attacks right at the root cause of the flu, clearing the nasal canal in no time. The spray is beneficial for the whole ENT- eyes, nose and throat system. It loosens the mucous membrane and relieves nose blockages like sinusitis.


Key Benefits

  • Tulsi’s goodness makes the spray anti-bacterial, anti-viral and also anti-inflammatory. It is also good for the immune system of the body.
  • Xylitol in the formula clears what we call food to bacteria. Therefore, bacteria starve and die, leaving the nasal canal germ-free.
  • Spray the formula 10 times in a glass of water and use it for gargling. It cleans the mouth thoroughly and relieves the accumulated cough in the thorax.
  • The saline nature of the nasal spray kills the bacteria and helps with the infection in the mucus membrane.
  • It loosens the phlegm and hence, treats nose blockages like sinusitis and helps with asthma and sore throat too.

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