Vasu Cutis Dusting Powder - 100 G

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Vasu Cutis Dusting Powder is India’s first herbal dusting powder. Cutis Dusting Powder is a herbal, antifungal, anti-itching powder. Indian weather conditions of prolonged summer and monsoon seasons allow fungal infections and skin problems like prickly heat, sweat irritation, diaper rash in babies to thrive in the country. This itching powder is empowered with the goodness of Neem. Cutis Dusting Powder is useful in conditions like fungal infections, itching and prickly heat. Ajwain oil offers a cooling effect and relieves irritation caused by persistent itching.


Key Benefits

  • Vasu Cutis Dusting Powder is tough on infection and rashes while being gentle on the skin. It is recommended wherever excess moisture aggravates heat or friction rashes.
  • Cutis Dusting Powder is empowered with the goodness of Pushpanjali powder, Shuddha tankini powder, Shuddha Gandhara powder, Nimba (Neem) and Ajamoda oil, all of which help to prevent and treat fungal infections such as ringworm infection, dhobi itch, athlete foot and diaper rash.
  • This powder also treats fungal infections caused due to excessive sweating. It will nullify body odour and will keep you feeling fresh without any skin irritations.
  • It soothes irritated skin and protects against chafing and rash.
  • It helps fight fungal infections, prevent recurrence and provide soothing maintenance therapy.
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