Sugar Fighter Stevia Sachets Box Of 20 's

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Sugar Fighter Stevia Sachets are a unique blend of ingredients, including organic stevia leaves. It tastes like natural sugar and contains multiple health benefits that regular sugar fails at. Natural Stevia Sweetener is made from naturally grown Stevia leaves making it 100% Safe, 100% Natural, 0 Calories, Safe For All - 100% Gluten-Free, 100% GMO-Free, 100% Lactose-Free. Sugar Fighter can be used with Tea, Coffee, Juice, Cereals, Fruits. It is 100% heat and cold stable.


  •  It lowers calories intake.
  •  Helps in lowering the glycemic load.
  •  It has zero calories leading no gain in the weight
  •  Sugar Fighter Stevia is a 100% vegetarian product.
  •  It is helpful for diabetic patients and health enthusiasts.
  •  Easy to serve and use.

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  •  Open the newly packed Sugar Fighter Stevia Sachets.

  •  Put the Stevia Sugar Powder as per your taste in your hot or cold beverage.


  •  Store in cool and dry place


  •  Keep it away from children’s reach.
  •  Meant for small dosages. Excessive dosage can harm your body.
  •  Read the label before use.

Side effects

  •  No serious side effects have been found in Sugar Fighter Stevia
  •  Some people who take stevia or the chemicals found in stevia can experience bloating or nausea.
  •  Some other people have reported feelings of dizziness, muscle pain, and numbness.


1. Is Sugar Fighter Stevia completely vegan?
 Yes, the Sugar Fighter Stevia is completely vegan.

2. Are Sugar Fighter Stevia Sachets safe for diabetic patients?
Yes, as there are no chemicals involved and it is made with natural
sweetener. These sachets are 100% safe for people who have diabetes.

3. Does stevia react with any medications?
Stevia has no known severe, serious, or moderate interactions
with other drugs.

4. Are there any other sweeteners included in the Sugar Fighter Stevia
: Yes, Sugar Fighter Stevia Powder contents also include sweeteners
called Isomaltose and Erythritol.

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