Nicogum 2mg Mint Plus Flavour Sugar Free Mini Lozenge 10's

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Nicogum 2mg Mint Plus Flavour Sugar Free Mini Lozenge is a medicine used to reduce the urge to smoke and reduce the irritable feeling that occurs when you plan to quit cigarettes. Quitting smoking is an important thing that helps to improve health and live a longer and healthier life. Nicogum Mint Plus Flavour Sugar Free Mini Lozenge should be taken as advised by the doctor, as it can be habit-forming. You should not skip the doses and also complete the full course of treatment. However, it is advised that you should inform the doctor if you are already suffering from any medical condition such as kidney disease, liver disease or heart disease.



  • Nicogum Mint Plus Flavour Mini Lozenge is a form of nicotine replacement therapy.
  • The medicine contains nicotine, but the other toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide and tar are not there in the tablet.

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