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Liveasy Ortho Care Waist Trimmer / Abdominal Binder - Xl (40 - 44 Inch)

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LivEasy Ortho Care Waist Trimmer is meant to be worn to relieve back pain due to its compression and immobilisation properties. It can add sufficient support to the back. It can also be used by individuals having pain in the lower back (lumbar muscle). Wearing a waist trimmer can help with bad back by improving one’s posture and the pain they experience during a large part of their day. LivEasy Ortho Care Waist Trimmer is also helpful after pregnancy to help your tummy return to its pre-pregnancy dimensions. It adds compression to the abdomen region, which allows it to shrink and gives the wearer a slimmer midsection


Key Benefits

  • Supports your back
  • Compresses the abdominal wall to give the wearer a trim belly
  • Can provide support and help to relieve lower back pain (lumbar muscle)
  • Helps post-delivery abdomen return to its original shape as it was before pregnancy

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