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Light weight wheelchair

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Light weight wheelchair is an instrument providing mobility and addressing physical health problems such as pressure sores, progression of deformities or improve respiration. They also have a beneficial effect on digestion by decreasing it's severity for those who use them due to their age group recommendation that you should never be without one. In addition to providing mobility, an appropriate wheelchair benefits the physical health and quality of life of the users by helping in reducing common problems such as pressure sores, progression of deformities and improve respiration and digestion.

Benefits of Light weight wheelchair:

  • It is easy and safe to use Light weight wheelchair. 

  • They promote Independence to physically challenged person. 

  • A patient will be more sociable by its own. 

  • Helps in reducing pressure sores and progression of deformities. 

Light weight wheelchair Offer At SecondMedic:

  • We at Secondmedic ensures that you get good health products for an affordable price. We have launched a special deal on Light weight wheelchair which is available online with extra Rs 175/- OFF. 


  • Handle with proper care. 

  • If issues with wheels or any part of product just get it replaced.

  • Keep away from the reach of children and pets. 


Q1: What is the cost of Light weight wheelchair?

Ans: The price ranges in between Rs 1600 to 1999/-, but at SecondMedic we are providing just at Rs 1575/-. only. 

Q2: What's the difference between a lightweight wheelchair and a standard wheelchair?

Ans: Standard wheelchairs are commonly steel, weighing 15kg+ and are sometimes foldable but with limited adjustability beyond size. Lightweight wheelchairs are made of aluminium or steel alloys, weigh 13-16kg, are often foldable and offer adjustable features, such as removable armrests.

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