Calcimax 500 Health Supplement Tablets (500 Mg Of Calcium) Box Of 30

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This calcium supplement from Calcimax comes with a potency of 500 mg, it contains not just elemental Calcium but also enhancers like Vitamin D3. Calcimax 500 is taken by people who want to ensure that their calcium levels are good, as calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth as well as other important body functions. Although young and growing children need Calcimax 500 or Calcimax Forte, it benefits all people who need to maintain their calcium levels. For people of certain demographics like growing children, breastfeeding mothers, those going through menopause, as well as older men/women proper calcium intake is very essential.


Key Benefits:

  • The Calcimax 500 is essentially a calcium supplement for people suffering from calcium deficiency.
  • Calcimax 500 tablet prices are reasonable enough to make it a regular nutritional supplement for people who lack calcium in their regular diet.
  • The Calcimax 500 tablet benefits people by ensuring strong and healthy teeth and bones.
  • Although it can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription, Calcimax 500 tablet dosage should be regulated as per the recommendation of a doctor.
  • Calcimax 500 tablet side effects include irregular bowel movements which can result from an overdose of this supplement.

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