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Vitamin B12 Test

Rs. 600 Rs. 1000 40%

Vitamin B12 Test

Rs. 600 Rs. 1000 40%

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  • VITAMIN B-12

1. What is a Vitamin B12 test?

The Vitamin B12 Test checks the extent of Vitamin B12 in your blood. Having a Vitamin B12 deficiency, or a low level of this essential vitamin, can cause a variety of health issues, including anaemia and nervous system issues. Vitamin B12 levels could also be below for a variety of reasons, including inadequate dietary intake, the utilisation of certain medications, advanced age, or conditions that make it hard for the body to soak up the Vitamin B12 from food.

2. When is the Vitamin B12 test recommended?

It is recommended:To diagnose anaemia.To evaluate nutritional status.To identify the neuropathy .To monitor the treatment for Vitamin B12.

3. What does the Vitamin B12 test measure?

The Vitamin B12 test is to measure:Vitamin B12 may be a nutrient that is very important for several aspects of human health.Adequate levels of Vitamin B12 are needed for your body to take care of a healthy nervous system, make red blood cells, and make DNA, the genetic material present in all of our cells.Vitamin B12 occurs naturally in animal proteins like meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy.

Booking Procedure:

  • Fill the booking form on right side with Name, Address, Mobile no.
  • Blood/Urine samples will be collected from your Home address. 10-12 hrs fasting is required.
  • You need to make the payment by cash to OrangeHealth when Technician comes to pick up the samples OR Pay online after confirmation of booking.
  • Reports will be couriered at your residence in 3-4 working days if hardcopy is opted. We will email the reports within 48-72 hrs on your email address mentioned while booking.
  • Sample pickup at home
  • Online reports within 48 hours
Vitamin B12 Test

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