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Uric Acid Random Urine Test

Rs. 600 Rs. 1000 40%

Uric Acid Random Urine Test

Rs. 600 Rs. 1000 40%

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Uric Acid Urine Test

The Uric Acid Urine test measures the level of uric acid in the urine. This can also be checked using a blood test. A Uric Acid Urine test is evaluated to check the amount of uric acid in the urine.

When is the Uric Acid Urine Test recommended?

It is recommended:If you have pain in the joints, especially in the toes, or other symptoms suggesting gout.If you have recurrent kidney stones and assess the cause.If you have undergone certain chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer.

What does it measure?

The Uric Acid Random Urine test: The level of uric acid in the urine.The elevated levels of uric acid in the urine indicate an increased plasma uric acid level. An active tubular secretion means the uric acid is filtered by the glomeruli present in the body and is reabsorbed by the tubules.Random collections for the Urine Uric Acid test are conducted when there is a suspected acute renal failure secondary to uric acid. Acid is produced during the digestion of foods that affect the natural breakdown of cells in the body.


Uric Acid Urine Test FAQ


1. How long will the reports take?
Answer :- You will get the reports within 48 hours after the collection of the blood sample.

2. How often should I get tested for the Uric Acid Urine Test?
Answer :- The Uric Acid Urine Test is prescribed by your doctor after completing the assessment of your condition.

3. What is the type of sample required?
Answer :- This test requires a urine sample.

4. Is fasting required for an Uric Acid Urine Test?
Answer :- Fasting is not required for this test.

Booking Procedure:

  • Fill the booking form on right side with Name, Address, Mobile no.
  • Blood/Urine samples will be collected from your Home address. 10-12 hrs fasting is required.
  • You need to make the payment by cash to OrangeHealth when Technician comes to pick up the samples OR Pay online after confirmation of booking.
  • Reports will be couriered at your residence in 3-4 working days if hardcopy is opted. We will email the reports within 48-72 hrs on your email address mentioned while booking.
  • Sample pickup at home
  • Online reports within 48 hours
Uric Acid Random Urine Test

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