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TIGATEL AMH tablet controls high blood pressure. it relaxes the blood vessels so that blood can flow more efficiently throughout your body. it also eliminates excess water from the body and increases urine output. this medicine lowers your blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke, kidney problems and heart problems. inform your doctor if you have any kidney or liver problems. drink plenty of fluids while taking this medicine to overcome muscle weakness, increased thirst and dry mouth. pregnant or breastfeeding women should take their doctor advice before taking this medicine.

the most common side effects of this medication include ankle swelling, sleepiness, palpitations, altered blood lipid level, and stomach upset. if any of the side effects persist or worsen, you need to consult your doctor immediately. inform your doctor if you are on any other medication as it may cause interactions. take this medicine as prescribed by your doctor.

use this medicine regularly to get the most benefit from it, even if you feel well. high blood pressure does not usually have any symptoms, and if you stop taking the tablet, the risk of heart problems & stroke may increase. you are supposed to take this medicine regularly at a fixed time. this medicine contains a water pill (diuretic) that increases urination, so avoid taking this tablet within four hours of going to bed.
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it is very good product.

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Effective medicine for increasing quality.

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Good product, value for money.

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