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Spandan Portable ECG

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Spandan Portable ECG is a matchbox size ECG machine, weighing only 12 grams. It requires no internet and battery to function and can detect 21 classified Arrhythmia and 12 heart dysfunctions detections with application instantly. It is a user-friendly device and its application guides you through all the procedures for the test, and the positioning of the chest leads and provides interpreted reports which can be shared by your doctors easily.



•    Spandan lets you take HRV test,
•    2 lead ECG monitoring, 
•    7 lead ECG test, 
•    12 lead ECG Test and live monitoring.


Product highlights

•    Spandan ECG device and android application is mainly designed for general household use, hospitals and clinics
•    Requires no battery, no internet, and no radiation
•    12 lead ECG monitoring
•    Live ECG monitoring for any leads for more than 24 hours
•    The package contains 1 ECG device, 1 chest lead, 12 electrodes, 1 Micro USB and user manual.

Directions For Use

•    Download application from Play store
•    Connect the device as shown in the application
•    Place the electrodes as the application guides you
•    Test and share the reports with your doctor

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