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Setu Lean Lite, packed with four active ingredients, can help you reach them! Capsimax a natural extract of capsaicinoids from red chilli peppers increases the energy expenditure in your body and stimulates fat breakdown. The other ingredients work together to reduce cravings, keep portions in check, and increase fat breakdown, thus making this supplement a multifaceted solution to weight management. Add to this a healthy diet and regular workouts and you have a long-term fix that's sure to help you hit your goals.

- Plant based supplement that boosts your metabolism and breaks down unwanted fats
- Contains capsimax that increases your energy expenditure and promotes healthy weight loss
- Increases the serotonin in your body, helping you curb your cravings
- Helps you hit your desired weight goals and body composition
- This product is vegetarian

About the Brand: Setu is known for an honest nutrition brand that gives you simple yet scientific, and practical solutions and promotes a healthier lifestyle. The brand has a wide range of products which contain ingredients that are of high quality to suit the better You. Each supplement is made from high-quality and clinically validated ingredients, which is why Setu is always upfront about what their products contain, what they do, and what you can expect from them.
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