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HealthKart HK Vitals Fish Oil Omega-3 consists of 1000 mg bioavailable fish oil with 180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA. These fatty acids help in inflammation reduction, ensuring great joint health. These fish oil capsules for men and women contain essential ‘good’ fats needed for optimal heart health. EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) helps reduce cholesterol levels of the body, enhancing heart health.

- Fish oil Omega 3 supplements are the good type of essential fats required by the body for proper functioning
- Consists of 1000 mg bioavailable fish oil that helps in controlling levels of bad fat in the body, improve joint flexibility and mobility
- Promotes healthy skin by reducing inflammation and locking in the moisture making it look healthy and glowing
- Provides 300 mg of combined EPA and DHA that easily meets your RDA Omega 3 requirement

About the Brand: HealthKart's HK Vitals is trusted by 20,00,000 with wide range of fitness & healthcare products.You no longer have to hunt for your supplements or a ton of nutrition stores to find the supplement you need.Enriched with essential ingredients, our products are a powerful combination of the latest research, technology & expertise from over 10 years of experience. So with HealthKart , get your daily dose of nutrition for a healthier and happier you.
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