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Protinex Mama Chocolate Nutrition Drink Tin Of 400 G

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Mama Protinex is a healthy nutritional drink meant especially for pregnant and lactating mothers. It contains a variety of nutrients essential during these times. This Protinex powder contains proteins from both milk and soy, which helps to meet any protein gap in the regular diet. During development, the fetus requires a lot of nutrition, hence it is important for mothers to maintain a balanced diet. During times of fast development, DHA is required for the baby’s brain development and Mama Protinex powder helps to ensure a good supply of DHA is available for both the mother and child.


Key Benefits

  • Apart from protein, Mama Protinex powder also contains 22 other essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • This Protinex Powder for mothers also comes in an appetizing Chocolate flavour, making it easy to consume even when you have dietary fusses.
  • It is formulated from 100% vegetarian ingredient sources.
  • Helps mothers to meet their daily required nutrition along with a healthy balanced diet since pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on the body.

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