Jziki Jzk-305 Pulse Oximeter

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prescription  Prescription required on this product.

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The JZIKI JZK-305 Pulse Oximeter is an electronic device used to measure blood oxygen saturation. It is non-invasive, so you can use it at home. The pulse oximeter is versatile and easy to use. Devices of this type are recommended for people who are struggling with severe respiratory problems, asthma, or playing sports. Their effect is invaluable both in newborns and in patients in clinical coma. A medical pulse oximeter is also useful in emergency situations when hypoxia is suspected.

Benefits of JZIKI JZK-305 Pulse Oximeter:

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Just place index finger in the device and it plays the results in just seconds.
  • Large Display. It Will Display All Measurement Results For Easier Interpretation.
  • Guaranteed Accuracy. You Can Be Sure Of The High Accuracy Of The Results Obtained.
  • Precise Sensitivity. Get A Highly Accurate Blood Oxygen Saturation Measurement.
  • Test The Hemoglobin Saturation & The Pulse Rate
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient


Precaution of JZIKI JZK-305 Pulse Oximeter:

  • Handle with Proper Care. 
  • Read the Discription before Use. 


FAQ's related to JZIKI JZK-305 Pulse Oximeter:

Q. If the meter is showing 96/98% for a few moment this n dropping the reading to 60% at all the checks?

Answer: Not so. It fluctuates but within few second stops at a reading within a small range that is was fluctuation between. 

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