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Delon Argan Oil Shampoo moisturises your hair and gives you smooth and healthy hair. It gets rid of all impurities and prevents the dryness of the scalp. The pH balancing formula makes it ideal for all hair types. Repairs dry and damaged hair and reverses much of the damage done by color treatments. Adds a shiny gloss to your hair.

- A biodegradable shampoo that is wild on both hair and scalp
- Soothes and moisturises hair, maintains shiny texture
- Reduces frizz and makes your hair manageable
- Paraben, SLS and urea free

About the Brand: Delon is owned by Delon Laboratories in Canada, which is a personal care brand manufacturing cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Delon's wide product range includes haircare, skincare, baby care and many more sections that are FDA approved.
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