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Happilo Premium Dried Californian Blueberries are made with only natural ingredients, high-quality dried berries. Blueberries are slightly sweetened and ideal for snacking, mixing in cereals, or adding to cakes and muffins. Heart healthy, plump and sweet taste of dried blueberries, will leave your taste buds in paradise.

- 100% dried natural blueberries that is good for an active life style and perfect for snacking
- Rich source of folic acid, calcium, protein, dietary fibre and vitamins C and E
- High in antioxidants, slows the ageing process and keeps diseases away
- This product does not contain gluten, GMO, transfat and cholesterol

About the Brand: Happilo has travelled the world to get the finest gourmet dry fruits, dried fruits, nuts, berries and dates, 100 percent natural and authentic. Indulge into the gourmet and grocery world of Happilo with awesome natural nuts and dry fruits along with the unique dry fruit mixes, fusions and flavoured dry fruits, healthy seeds and dried berries specially crafted for your taste and health.
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