Karvol Plus Capsule 10s

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  Prescription required on this product.

It is used as a decongestant suitable for adults as well as children aged 3 months and above. It is used to relieve the blockage in the nasal passage in case of cold and infections in the respiratory tract. It contains chlorothymol, menthol, terpin, camphor, and eucalyptus. These compounds are known to be powerful anti-inflammatory agents that aid in the treatment of various infections such as sinusitis. 

To use, simply snip off one end of the capsule and pour the contents of the Karvol Plus capsule onto a piece of fabric, such as a handkerchief, tissue, or hand towel. Inhale a few times to get rid of nasal congestion. When used for children or infants, ensure the fabric used is completely out of reach of kids to prevent any unwanted consequences. 

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