Biapride 300mg Injection 100ml

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Biapride 300mg Injection is an antibiotic medication containing the active constituent biapenem. It is used to treat various bacterial infections, including infections of the abdomen, respiratory tract, and urinary tract. Diarrhea is a common problem associated with the use of antibiotics. If you develop watery or bloody stools while taking this medicine, report to your doctor. Do not skip the doses, as it may decrease the effectiveness of the treatment and increase the risk that bacteria will develop resistance. You need to inform your doctor if you have allergic conditions, kidney diseases, eating difficulties, or are taking sodium valproate (treats epilepsy) before taking Biapride 300mg Injection. Rashes, nausea, and diarrhea are the most common side effects of this medicine.

Biapride 300mg Injection inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis and stops the growth of bacteria.

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