2baconil 2mg Nicotine Gums Strip Of 50 's

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The 2Baconil 2mg Nicotine Gums is the next best alternative to nicotine patches. Usually used for ‘stop smoking’ programs, these gums are effective in helping the individual control the withdrawal symptoms. People who have been habitual of smoking, gutka and other tobacco-based products will benefit from using the 2Baconil Nicotine Gums. As a sugar-free gum, it will also help control the blood sugar levels, especially when the dosage can start with at least 12 gums a day.



  • Helps gradually break down the smoking or gutka addiction.
  • It acts as a healthy compensation for the nicotine requirements the body has become habitual.
  • The sugar-free 2Baconil Nicotine Gums make quitting smoking easier for people with diabetes.
  • Using gum regularly will help get rid of the smoking habit.
  • It proves to be an adequate substitute for nicotine patches.
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This product is good.

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it is very good product.

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