What Does Low Body Temperature Mean ?

Discover the significance of low body temperature and its impact on overall health. Explore the causes, symptoms, and potential implications of having a below-normal body temperature.

Unveiling the Causes of Low Body Temperature

Dive into the various factors that can lead to low body temperature. From medical conditions to environmental factors, learn about the underlying causes that contribute to a decrease in body temperature.

Medical Conditions Associated with Low Body Temperature

Explore the range of medical conditions linked to low body temperature, including hypothyroidism, hypothermia, adrenal insufficiency, and more. Gain insights into how these conditions affect the body's thermoregulation.

Environmental Factors and Low Body Temperature

Delve into the impact of external elements on body temperature. Discover how exposure to cold weather, prolonged immersion in cold water, or certain medications can lower body temperature and potentially pose health risks.

Understand when to consult a healthcare professional and the importance of addressing underlying causes for optimal well-being.

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