Myth: "Working Mothers Can't Breastfeed Successfully

Debunking the misconception that breastfeeding and a career are incompatible. Working mothers can successfully breastfeed with the right support, knowledge, and planning

Myth: "Breastfeeding Consumes Too Much Time

Time-management strategies are essential for breastfeeding working mothers. Learn about efficient pumping techniques and schedules that allow moms to optimize their milk supply while effectively managing their professional responsibilities.

Myth: "Breastfeeding Hinders Productivity at Work

Breastfeeding can positively impact workplace productivity. Discover the research supporting the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers, including improved focus, reduced absenteeism, and increased employee satisfaction.

Myth: "Breastfeeding in Public is Inappropriate"

Addressing the social stigma around breastfeeding in public. It's essential to normalize breastfeeding in all settings. Explore breastfeeding-friendly public spaces and initiatives that promote inclusivity and support for nursing mothers

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