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Second Medic is poised for accelerated growth and we are increasing our capacity to deliver as a team.

We invite Certified physicians and medical professionals who want to reduce patients' suffering by delivering best in class medical consultations Online.

​If you are selected to looking to join our network to provide Online Medical Consultation, you will be able to work from home or anywhere else with internet access at your leisure with ability to earn significant extra income. Utilizing our unique proprietary platform you will be able to provide medical consultations to our patients, Using our secure and confidential interface, you can log in to monitor existing and new cases, allowing you to take advantage of as many cases as you desire.

Why Choose Second Medic?
We are a team that is growing at an exponential pace. The second Medic has developed an exceptional reputation in its ability to serve patients around the globe to deliver accurate and affordable medical second opinion and online consultations.
Our physicians report high satisfaction in utilizing our intuitive technology which adds a personal touch with our approach. We provide fast, secure, and easy-to-access portal through which our physicians can review patient cases and images.
Our representatives are available to provide technical, customer, and patient support throughout the customer care program we have developed inhouse.

We offer competitive compensation for all physician consultants.

Second Medic provides  to its network the following benefits.

1. Indemnity and insurance coverage.

2. Ability to work from home or anywhere else with internet access at your leisure with opportunity to earn significant extra income.

3. You will be providing consultations, reviews and second opinions and not practicing or prescribing medications.

4. Develop your reputation and increase credibility globally.

5. We will offer medical malpractice coverage available free of charge.

If you want to join our team, email [email protected] with an updated CV and we will provide you more information within 1-3 days including pricing information and a link to register. We look forward to talking to you.


The second Medic promises to deliver quality Medical Second opinion. Our telemedicine platform provides access to India's highly rated top doctors for professional and ethical medical advice at an affordable cost.

Use our app if you’ve questions on the following and take control of your medical decisions.
An existing or new medical condition, A possible surgery or your current medical treatment

At Second Medic you can schedule for the first visit, a second opinion or a follow-up, schedule your video consultation today with our team of highly trained doctors of significant repute.

Our main objective is your peace of mind - Your Peace of Mind

In addition, our focus is to  Find & Connect With Top Doctors, Schedule Video Consultation, Make Online Payment, Receive Online Report And Prescription, Share Medical Records & Scans, SOS Signal To Loved Ones, Create Patient Profile (incl. Medical Condition, Allergies, Blood Type, Emergency Contact, etc.), Easy Access To Old Medical Record, Full Data Privacy - HIPAA Compliant
--- Database Of Doctors With Different Specialties (e.g. Pediatrician or Child Doctor, Gynecologist or

Women’s Doctor, General Physician, Cardiologist or Heart Doctor, Orthopedist or Bones & Joint Doctor, Dentist, Dermatologist or Skin Doctor, ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Doctor, Transplant Surgeon, Neurologist or Brain Doctor, Obstetrician or Pregnancy Doctor, Nephrologist or Kidney Doctor, Urologist, Oncologist or Cancer Doctor, etc.)

Find And Connect With Best Doctors From Anywhere In The World - Wherever, Whenever
Whether you're living in India or abroad, easily connect with India's highly rated top doctors in all specialty areas. You can use Second Medic if you've questions on an existing or new condition, possible surgery or about your current treatment. Second Medic is a complete telemedicine platform and we pride ourselves in having the best quality doctors in our team.

Video Consultation With Top Doctors - Making Life Easier For You
With Second Medic, you can easily send an appointment request to your trusted doctor, make an online payment, share scans/reports, and have video consultation from the comfort of your home. No need to travel long distances for just a few minutes of consultation. Use our app to save money and time. No subscription required or additional cost.

Book and Confirm Appointments - Enhanced Patient Experience and Time/Money Savings
Avoid the hassle of driving to the doctor's office only to find out a long queue in waiting. Request an appointment and receive a confirmation on the app from the doctor. Get your money back in case of the cancellation of the appointment. Greater flexibility for both patients and doctors.

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