There are several reasons why a person may seek a Second Opinion

  1. 88% of medical 'second opinions' give a different diagnosis (Mayo Clinic study).
  2. Doctors are human and may get it wrong.
  3. Your problems may be complex, and may require additional investigation.
  4. There may be many choices available, and this may lead to a dilemma about which treatment to choose.
  5. It is natural to have doubts and want further reassurance from an independent expert.
  6. Having multiple doctors review a case leads to a more accurate diagnosis and better outcome.

Any kind of medical diagnosis can be scary and confusing and even fearful and the most important part is that you want to make sure the diagnosis is right and your treatment plan is the best one for you.

Getting an unbiased and independent second opinion from another health care provider can help you make smart decisions, give you peace of mind, and save your life.

With innovation around Data analytics and Artificial intelligence, more and more data is being churned to support decisions. New innovations leading to new operative and recovery techniques offer fewer side effects and shorter recovery time. The value of second opinions is grown in the midst of Covid 19 as telemedicine has taken off. 

Second opinions can be effective to answer many questions supporting decision making. Also faster evaluation of options for treating this problem. Most importantly what are the pluses and minuses of each, and which one is best for me. It is also helpful to find that the panel of doctors agrees with the diagnosis and treatment plan. Sometimes if test results aren’t clear, should they be repeated or alternative options to be evaluated independently. Second Opinion is no more about meeting another doctor for a cross-check. 

Some hesitation will always be there around medical second opinion but its an acceptable norm similar to using third umpire in sports. We always worry if My doctor will be upset The truth is that Most doctors welcome other doctors’ opinions.  

Medical Insurance agencies stand to benefit the most to skip unnecessary surgeries. That's why some even require you to get a second opinion. Sometimes in very complex cases, they will pay for a third opinion. 

Most of the medical second opinion is less invasive and report based. 

Getting the second opinion is not difficult.  It takes so long to get an appointment—and there’s so much running around and paperwork involved If you get a second opinion within the same healthcare system, it may streamline the process. 

These programs help optimize health with a coordinated team approach making the process most efficient. completing some homework is always good before getting a second opinion. 

One has to remember that it doesn't apply when emergency procedures are warranted. 

One should feel comfortable and confident about the diagnosis and treatment and get medical Consultation before any life-changing health decision is taken. 

You can choose from many different ways to suit your convenience. E.g. Website, e-mail, WhatsApp, Video Chat on our patented platform

Our service is quite comprehensive, and we have all types of specialists on our panel. We are able to advise on almost all health problems.


  • Heart conditions

  • Breathing issues

  • Digestive problems

  • Bone, joints and spinal conditions

  • Kidney and other urinary problems

  • Cancer

  • Women & children’s health

  • Skin conditions

  • Neurology and brain surgery

  • Ear Neck and Throat

  • General medical conditions

Primary Consultation and Specialist appointment is done within an hour. Super Specialist Consultation and Second Opinion is completed in 24 hours once all the information is received. 

We will assign your inquiry through our triaging system, where it will be sent to the doctor who has experience with your particular condition.

Our website framework complies fully with the U.S Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), to ensure your personal data is encrypted across all levels and does not end up in the wrong hands. Our physicians are trained in information governance and do not share your personal information with any unauthorised third parties.

In order to receive an accurate Second Opinion, our clinicians will require the following information:

A detailed history of events. This will include your current medical issues, the duration of symptoms and specific information dependent on the symptoms experienced. These will be detailed on the online forms relevant to your case. We may also require details about other medical conditions or surgeries you have had in the past (including your current medications), any conditions that run in the family and your occupation. These are all standard questions asked by doctors in order to correctly diagnose your medical condtion with a high degree of accuracy.

In addition to this we may also require your latest blood test results, and any previous blood test results you have access to. This will help us in looking at trends in various areas including kidney function, infection markers and inflammatory responses.

FInally imaging and x-rays are a key tool for doctors in accurately assessing your clinical issue. We would prefer access to original digital images, as information can be lost from photocopies or photographs of x-rays.

As many as 12 million patients in the US are misdiagnosed each year, with as many as 29% of surgical procedures, diagnostic tests and treatment protocols deemed as unnecessary.This can be an inconvenience for patients and their families, but can also cause unnecessary pain, suffering and in rare cases misdiagnoses can even cause death. It can also incur needlessly high costs for both the patient and healthcare provider.

Obtaining a second opinion from a qualified, impartial medical professional acts as a safeguard against such unnecessary treatment based off an incorrect diagnosis, and helps ensure you receive the most appropriate medical care possible. It is every patient's right to receive a second opinion from a medical expert, and we aim to facilitate that in a professional manner.

Our service does not require any special software beyond an Internet Web Browser and an Internet connection. We support all modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer 9 and up, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Our Second Opinion Report will be sent as a PDF. This can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, or any other PDF reader. Video Conferencing will require a computer with a working webcam, microphone and

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