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A legendary American candy, Nerds revolutionized the candy-eating experience by offering two different flavors, each with its compartment in one package. Mix and match your strawberry and grape Nerds, or enjoy them one flavor at a time! Great for sharing among friends, kids especially love this teeny, tiny, tangy American candy from Wonka!

- Tiny, tangy, and crunchy strawberry and grape candy
- Come in a variety of flavors, usually with two in each pack
- An awesome way to satisfy your cravings

About the Brand: Wonka's Nerds are the ever-popular bite-sized hard candy, a staple in the American candy market since their launch in 1983. The wild and wacky Wonka brand is inspired by the crazy world of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and has quickly become one of the USA's favorite creators of sweet treats - And it's easy to see why! From the crazily successful Nerds to their bonkers gobstoppers and Laffy taffy you're sure to find something to delight your sweet tooth.
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