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Millet being a superfood has ample of essential nutrients. True Elements Millet Granola is perfectly blended with the right amount of wholegrain-certified ingredients, luscious berries, and crunchy nuts. It is a combination of millet flakes that provides a good amount of fiber and magnesium, and far crunchier than other whole-foods, giving you the desired snack treat for your taste buds.

- Millet granola that is purely baked and not fried, and is blended with raw honey
- Has a good source of protein, complex carbs, omega fats and is packed with antioxidants
- Support healthy digestion with fibre-rich power of wholegrain millets
- Aids in weight management, lower in calories and enhances skin health

About the Brand: True Elements is a brand founded on the virtue of sustainability and ethical sourcing from the finest produce available to us. This brand brings to us the purity of ingredients that are organic, natural, and most worthy of your health. They believe in offering products that are wholesome, nutritious, affordable, and devoid of any preservatives or chemicals. With making a mark in the health food industry, True Elements stands tall on their promise of 100% taste with 0% chemicals, 0% preservatives and 0% added sugar.
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