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TELISCOPE AM is a combination tablet that helps in controlling high blood pressure, effectively reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke in the future. it works by blocking the hormone angiotensin, thereby relaxing the blood vessels, which makes the blood flow freely and the heart pump more efficiently and by its diuretic activity helps in removing the extra water from the body.

this medication may cause some side effects such as dizziness, feeling tired, nausea, diarrhoea, flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath, and changes to your heartbeat. frequent urination is not a side effect of this medicine. it is the mechanism of this medication as this effect helps to control your blood pressure.

before taking this medication, inform your doctor if you are pregnant or intend to be pregnant, or have liver & kidney problems and using any other medications. this medication is not recommended in pregnancy or while breastfeeding as it may harm the baby.
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Ravi Kumar
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its effective

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Andrew Alexander Taylor
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This product is good.

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Manjunath H
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Effective medicine for increasing quality.

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I would recommend this medicine to anyone who is looking for relief from their symptoms!

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Good product, value for money.