SBL Helleborus Niger Mother Tincture Q

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Helleborus Nig to treat mental conditions that are marked by lethargy and confusion. Using this homeopathic remedy may be effective in treating any severe inflammatory condition of the nerves. In addition, Helleborus may also be useful for easing headaches , depression as well as digestive disorders. These symptoms may generally occur owing to any injury to the brain or the spinal cord ; a brain surgery or an attack of encephalitis or meningitis . The homeopathic remedy Helleborus Nig is mainly used to treat depression. Patients who require this medication are extremely ill-tempered and become angry very easily. They prefer to be left alone and not disturbed by anyone. Such patients are extremely gloomy, desolate, mournful and silent. Helleborus, as a homeopathic remedy, is particularly apt for girls during puberty or at time when they do not have menstruation periods after having them for once or a few times. In effect, many women take this homeopathic remedy on a regular basis with a view to regulate their menstrual periods as well as for aborting unwanted pregnancy .  Use under medical supervision.},highlights
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