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Savlon Deep Clean Germ Protection Handwash

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Savlon Germ Protection Handwash keep your family in safe hands with the Savlon handwash. With active silver nano particles, it provides effective cleansing and protects you from a million germs. Savlon uses a unique formula that not only provides excellent cleansing and germ protection but also moisturizes your skin. Million germs refer to the number of germs. Based on in-vitro studies.
  • Our Hands are hot beds of germs and the savlon handwash helps in maintaining good hand hygiene for staying healthy & fit
  • Savlon's advanced range of hand washes help keep hands clean
  • Savlon Handwash with its unique formula offers effective and powerful cleansing for hands with extra dirt & grime
  • Provides effective cleansing and protection from million germs
  • Based on anti-microbial action in in vitro conditions, million refers to number of germs and the handwash helps to wash away germs

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