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Oxygize Portable Oxygen with Inbuilt Mask Citrus

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Oxygize Portable Oxygen Canister with Inbuilt Mask helps you to take control of your breathing. A few deep breaths of this pure oxygen will make you feel fresh and energetic. This is ideal for athletes who use oxygen therapy as a part of their regular training programs as recovery is easier this way. Supporting oxygen permits the athlete to train harder and longer and to recover faster. Handy for those who need oxygen therapy in the rehabilitation phase, dementia weak brain function, low muscle tone and ulcers. UsesIt helps to restore the body's oxygen levels to a normal and healthy state.Salient Features
  • Helps in treating respiratory issues during travel and when living in a polluted environment
  • Enhances endurance and helps the muscles to recover faster
  • Increase the oxygen level in the blood at the time of fatigue, sinus, ulcer and allergies

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