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NEUD Carrot Seed Hydrating Lotion

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NEUD Carrot Seed Hydrating Lotion penetrates into the skin and nourishes deeply, tightens, and rejuvenates to give you flawless skin. NEUD Carrot Seed Hydrating Lotion is free from harmful chemicals and is suitable for all skin types in men and women. NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Hydrating Lotion comes with a water-resistant, zipper pouch absolutely free inside every pack.Carrot seeds are a natural powerhouse of vital vitamin A, α, β and γ carotenes, and carotenoids essential for younger-looking, smooth skin. Carrot seeds contain proteins that exert antioxidant action to remove free radicals and slow down signs of ageing. They promote new skin cell formation and help reduce wrinkles. Tocopherol found in carrot seeds mops up these free radicals.

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