Ezee Disposable Medical Hand Gloves Packet Of 100

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Ezee Disposable Medical Hand Gloves Packet Of 100 are perfect for any occasion. These disposable, water resistant handwear provides protection against germs and other hazardous materials while providing the skin on your hands some much-needed peace during examinations or procedures that could otherwise be ruined by applying new layers over time due to bacteria transferring through unprotected fingers (especially if you're wearing nonsterile clothing). When used by healthcare professionals and patients it helps to prevent the spread of diseases and infections. During times of pandemic, these gloves can be used when leaving your house for work, travel, shopping etc., as an added level of safety.

Benefits of Ezee Disposable Medical Hand Gloves Packet Of 100: 

  • Ezee gloves are built to be strong and not tear easily.

  • The pack comes with 100 disposable gloves to meet all your daily needs.

  • It provides an effective barrier in a medical setting against substances like urine, saliva, blood, etc

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Direction to Use:

  • Pull out a pair of gloves, push your fingers into the glove till they are straight. Make sure you have a good tight fit.


  • Store away from sunlight and direct heat.

  • Keep out of reach of children.


Q1: How many gloves are in this pack?

Ans: This particular pack comes with 100 disposable Ezee disposable gloves.

Q2: Is it made from rubber or cotton?

Ans: This pack of Ezee gloves is made from plastic, there are also Ezee cotton gloves available.

Q3: Can it be used for non-medical purposes?

Ans: Yes, however, if you are planning on using it for heavy-duty purposes (washroom cleaning, etc.,) it is better to use the more appropriate type of gloves.

Q4: Can it be used multiple times?

Ans: These are disposable gloves, it is not recommended to use multiple times.

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Effective medicine for increasing quality.

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Very very good product.

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