Enoxapride 60mg Injection 0.6ml

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Enoxapride 60mg Injection contains the active constituent enoxaparin. It is used to treat and prevent blood clots. This medication can be given before or after major surgery, or when you have chest pain, cancer, or after a heart attack to stop the existing clots from getting any bigger or formation of new blood clots.

Before taking Enoxapride 60mg Injection, inform your doctor if you have any heart problems, gastric ulcer, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disorders, liver disorders, have had a recent stroke, or an operation recently on the brain or eyes. Make sure you inform your physician of all the medicines, including supplements and herbal medicines, you are taking before you start treatment with this medication.

Enoxaparin binds to the antithrombin (a protein that blocks abnormal blood clots formation) and forms a complex. This complex irreversibly inactivates the factor Xa (factor involved in the clot formation) and prevents clot formation.

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