Dr. Odin Reusable Hot & Cool Pack

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Odin Reusable Hot & Cool Pack is a convenient device to provide hot fomentation or cool compress. Hot fomentation of the injured or inflamed area enhances the threshold of pain and thus reduces its perception. It has a synergistic effect with pain-relieving drugs. Raising the temperature of the injured tissue also enhances the blood supply and the healing process. Hot fomentation has a relaxing effect. Cool compress helps in the reduction of inflammation in injuries which protects by slowing the metabolic rate around the tissue, reduce oedema and bleeding. Cool compress helps in immediately lowering fever, in very high fever condition. It can be used after an acute injury or surgical procedure.Uses
  • The gel pouch is made out of soft and flexible PU film, filled with a hydrophilic gel made out of edible polymers
  • This gel has high heat retention property
  • Pain relief for arthritis and helps to soothe swelling, headaches, treat injuries and improves blood circulation
  • This hot and cool pack consists of non-toxic gel based on a unique formula that radiates energy when chilled. It sustains chill for a long time
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