Dr. Morepen Omega 3 Triple Strength 1250mg Deep Sea Fish Oil with DHA & EPA 900mg Softgel

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Dr. Morepen Omega 3 Deep Sea Fish Oil Triple Strength Softgel brings to you, the richness of Omega-3 derived from nature backed by science in the form of OMEGA-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil (Triple Strength). This is made with ultrapure Peruvian anchovy fish from the Micro-filtered Deep Sea. It has been designed to provide a rich dose of 1250mg Fish Oil which is three times more effective than regular fish oil. Each soft gel pill provides you with 550 mg EPA & 350 mg DHA. Fatty acids Omega-3 (EPA&DHA) are a key nutrient for the control and reduction of the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. It also improves the wellness of a good brain and joints. It may not be made on its own by our bodies, but it may come through our diets. Researchers say a normal Indian diet lacks the average amount of Omega-3 needed per day, making us more prone to heart and lifestyle diseases. Dr. Morepen’s higher strength Omega-3 Capsules are considerably more effective in keeping triglycerides under check, brain sharp and joints stronger with 900mg of DHA + EPA in total per capsule.
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil Triple Strength capsules help to reduce inflammation throughout the body and also keeps triglycerides levels in check
  • Help prevent age-related vision loss and preserve vision and reduce inflammation in the joints
  • Assists in regulating skin's oil production and improves hydration for smoothening rough and dry skin, making it glow naturally
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