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Completely transform your brushing routine with the Colgate Toothbrush provided with 360 Degree Charcoal Soft Bristles. Makes your brushing powerful and effective. Just two minutes of brushing gives the goodness of premium spiral charcoal infused bristles that provide the ultimate germ protection.

- Bristles of this toothbrush are 17 times thinner, softer and infused with charcoal to clean perfectly between the teeth and the gum line
- Anti- bacterial effect of Charcoal is effective against odour and oral infections.
- Flexible, multi- directional rubber cleaning head provides up to 20,000 strokes per minute and reaches every nook and cranny of your mouth
- Spiral bristles gently remove surface stains and plaque from the narrowest spaces
- Thin and flexible design ensures easy usage

About the Brand: Colgate is one of the leading brands for oral hygiene products. It is a trusted brand that has gained the confidence of millions of consumers around the world for taking care of the dental health of their families. Colgate makes sure that you never lose your bright and white smile.
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