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This syrup is a commonly prescribed medication that helps relieve pain and lowers fever. Ailments such as headaches, toothaches, body aches, fevers, and colds are treated in children.

This syrup has analgesic (analgesic) and antipyretic (lowers body temperature) properties. It provides relief by blocking certain chemical messengers and pathways in the brain that send pain and fever signals.

This syrup is administered orally, preferably at a specific time each day. Although this medication can be taken before or after a meal, you should take it after a meal because it can irritate the lining of an empty stomach.

The dose and duration will depend on your child's age, weight, and severity of the infection. So adhere to the dose, time, and method prescribed by your paediatrician. If your child vomits within 30 minutes of taking medicine, let them calm down and repeat the same dose. Taking it again is not recommended if your child becomes sick after 30 minutes of taking the dose.

Do not give your child this syrup with other medicines containing babygesic, as it can cause overdose and side effects such as liver damage. Always check the contents of other medicines before giving them in combination with this medicine to your child.

The most common side effects such as indigestion, nausea, and vomiting. Call your doctor if these side effects bother your child.

These drugs are often considered safe and effective but may not be suitable for everyone. Tell your doctor if your child is being treated for a blood disorder, is allergic to any medications, or has birth defects, liver damage, or kidney problems. This will help your child's doctor better assess the dosage and suitability of this medication.
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Product is very affordable and it is a great value for the price.

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good its very effective.

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