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Aava's origin in the Aravallis and 20-year underground journey to their protected underground aquifer enriches it with unique and naturally alkaline mineral composition. To preserve its unique and naturally alkaline (pH 8+) composition, Aava is bottled as drawn at their modern and fully automated bottling facility without any water rejection or Reverse Osmosis. Aava's origin and journey through the Aravallis make it naturally alkaline, hence it requires no artificial Ionization

- Natural alkaline mineral water with an alkaline composition of pH8+
- Enriched with natural electrolytes calcium, magnesium , silica, and alkalinity
- Best for fine dining and table water, safe to consume every day
- No Ro, no UV, no ozonization, and no chemical treatment

About the Brand: Drop by drop, for 20 years, Aava trickles down from the catchment area to our deep underground reservoirs. Along the way, it is purified as it passes through layers of alluvium and clay that act as natural filters. To ensure purity and unaltered natural mineral composition in every sip, our bottling environment adheres to the toughest international certification standards.
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