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Doctor Suma K. at secondmedic

Dr. Suma K.

Dr. Suma is a Neurologist. She has completed DM in Neurology from Osmania Medical College, MD in Ped

17 years Experience

50 Reviews

Specialist in managing the medically refractory cases (Blepharospasms, Hemifacial spasms, Dystonia, Spasticity) with the Botulinum Toxin administration. Experienced in diagnosing and managing many degenerative diseases (Dementias, Parkinsons disease, and other movement disorders etc., Qualification in MD Paediatrics is an added advantage for managing Paediatric Neurology cases successfully. Strong exposure in treating demyelinating disor Read More...

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Q1. How can I take Dr. Suma K. appointment?

A. You can take Dr. Suma K. online through Secondmedic for phone call, text message and video call with the doctor.

Q2. What is Dr. Suma K. education qualification?

A. Dr. Suma K. has the qualification of MBBS, MD - Pediatrics, DM - Neurology Neurologist

Q3. What is the experience of Dr. Suma K.?

A. Dr. Suma K. have 17 years of experience in specialty.

Q4. What is the specialty of Dr. Suma K.?

A. Dr. Suma K. specialty is Neurology,


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