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Healthcare is one of the most personal industries there is. The information healthcare professionals process on behalf of their patients cannot just be any data, it must also happen to be highly sensitive and confidential in nature for many reasons which are often beyond our understanding as laypeople who don't work within this field every day

Second Medic is committed to protecting your privacy and data. We use some of the most advanced security systems for you, our consumers or providers who are using Second Medics’ platform will be safe with us!

  • Total HIPAA Compliance: All your data is stored in HIPAA compliant servers ensuring industry-standard consent architecture and privacy policies.
  • Standard of Encryption: All your data is encrypted with 256bit encryption. Data is encrypted during transit and rest ensuring that only the sender and the authorized receiver can access it.
  • Dual Authentication Factor: We have implemented 2-factor authentication to ensure we can doubly verify the identity of the person accessing the information and only give access to the Authorized Person.
  • Permissible Access Zones: We have implemented access zones that prohibit access to information from locations not specified by the user. This ensures that even if the authentication information leaks, access can only happen from the physical locations specified by the user.
  • Role-Based Profiles:  Different profiles for teams with different levels of information access. This ensures that only the authorized person has access to the patient files while the staff access is restricted to the clinic operations rather than the patient information.

These and many more features ensure that only the authorized staff can access data generated and no one else. Second Medic has the best security features, and we hope this helps you understand them better. If there's anything else I can do for your company, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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