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Now Protect Yourself, Your Family & Friends With Automated Care

Buy Health Points And Use Whenever Needed For Anyone You Care

What Is Health Wallet?

Health Wallet : 1 Rs = 2 HP (Health Points)

  • We provide health wallet so that you can use our all service instantly
  • Health Wallet stores Health Points which can be used on any of our services
  • 1 Health Point cost you 50 paise and gives several benefits
  • You get discounted price everywhere when using Health Points
  • You can automate Doctor Consultation, Home Care and Medicine Delivery by using Health Wallet
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Health Packages

Buy Health Package For Your Loved Ones

1 hp = 50 Paise (Minimum 100 hp required)
Payable Amount ₹ 50/-

Single Care

1100 hp @ ₹ 500

Micro Family Care

2250 hp @ ₹ 1000

Family Care

4500 hp @ ₹ 2000

Complete Family Care

7000 hp @ ₹ 3000

How It Works

Save your money and let us care for you

1. Buy Health Package Or Add Health Points on your Wallet


2. Health Points will be added to your Health Wallet

3. Redeem Health Points to Consult Doctors, Buy Medicines, Lab Test etc


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