Dt. Sagarika Mishra

12 years experience

Dt. Sagarika Mishra

M.Sc in nutrition from Delhi University.

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Sagarika Mishra is a highly accomplished and experienced dietician with over 12 years of expertise in the field of nutrition. She holds an M.Sc. in Nutrition from Delhi University, which showcases her strong academic background. With a rich background as a consultant nutritionist and clinical dietitian, Sagarika has provided her services to individuals, groups, and organizations, exhibiting her versatility and ability to cater to diverse needs. Her extensive experience as a freelancer further highlights her proficiency in handling a wide range of patients with varying health conditions. Notably, Sagarika's contributions have extended beyond individual consultations, as she has conducted corporate wellness programs, showcasing her commitment to promoting overall health and wellbeing at a larger scale. Her passion, knowledge, and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the field of nutrition and dietetic

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Q. How can I take Dt. Sagarika Mishra appointment?

A. You can take Dt. Sagarika Mishra online through Secondmedic for phone call, text message and video call with the doctor.

Q. What is Dt. Sagarika Mishra education qualification?

A. Dt. Sagarika Mishra has the qualification of M.Sc in nutrition from Delhi University.

Q. What is the experience of Dt. Sagarika Mishra?

A. Dt. Sagarika Mishra have 12 years of experience in specialty.

Q. What is the specialty of Dt. Sagarika Mishra?

A. Dt. Sagarika Mishra specialty is Dietician,

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Dt. Sagarika Mishra

12 years experience

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