Dr. Rajiv Kumar

30 years experience

Dr. Rajiv Kumar

MBBS, MD (Pediatric) (Bhagalpur)

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Q. How can I take Dr. Rajiv Kumar appointment?

A. You can take Dr. Rajiv Kumar online through Secondmedic for phone call, text message and video call with the doctor.

Q. What is Dr. Rajiv Kumar education qualification?

A. Dr. Rajiv Kumar has the qualification of MBBS, MD (Pediatric)

Q. What is the experience of Dr. Rajiv Kumar?

A. Dr. Rajiv Kumar have 30 years of experience in specialty.

Q. What is the specialty of Dr. Rajiv Kumar?

A. Dr. Rajiv Kumar specialty is General Medicine, Paediatrics/ Childhood Disorders,

Q: Why do patients visit Dr Rajiv Kumar?

A: Patients frequently visit Dr Rajiv Kumar for paediatrician. To see more reasons, visit the doctor's profile on Second Medic.

Q: What is Dr Rajiv Kumar rating?

A: Dr Rajiv Kumar has been recommended by 98 patients and has received five star from the patients. You can read detailed reviews of the doctor on Testimonial section.

Q: What is Dr Rajiv Kumar education qualification?

A: Rajiv Kumar has the following qualifications - MBBS, MD (Pediatric)

Q: What does Dr Rajiv Kumar specializes in ?

A: Dr Rajiv Kumar specializes as general physician,paediatrician

Q: How many years of experience does Dr Rajiv Kumar has?

A: Rajiv Kumar is trained in general physician,paediatrician has 22 years of experience.

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    Rahul Chatterjee


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    Aniket Namdeo

    Very efficient service

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