Dr. Amol Bagadia

20 years experience

Dr. Amol Bagadia


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Dr Amol Bagadia is the certified trichologist in Central India with primary speciality as Trichology. He has over 20 years of experience in this field. By providing a complete range of hair and scalp care solutions, Dr. Bagadia has been known for offering the best effective treatment for the unwelcoming yet common issue of hair loss. His in-depth knowledge and prowess in Trichology gave birth to Dr. Bagadia’s Hair Clinic and Transplant Center in Nagpur. Services offered are- Hair transplant, hair fall treatment, Hirsutism, alopecia, dermatitis

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  • Online text consultation ₹800
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  • Online video consultation ₹1000
  • Clinic/Hospital Visit ₹1000
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Q. How can I take Dr. Amol Bagadia appointment?

A. You can take Dr. Amol Bagadia online through Secondmedic for phone call, text message and video call with the doctor.

Q. What is Dr. Amol Bagadia education qualification?

A. Dr. Amol Bagadia has the qualification of MD, TCL/IAT, DMRE

Q. What is the experience of Dr. Amol Bagadia?

A. Dr. Amol Bagadia have 20 years of experience in specialty.

Q. What is the specialty of Dr. Amol Bagadia?

A. Dr. Amol Bagadia specialty is Dermatology,

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Dr. Amol Bagadia

20 years experience

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