Q. What was the first occurrence that made you realize you were developing post partum depression?

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The first occurrence that made me realize I was developing postpartum depression was when I found myself unable to muster any excitement or joy about the birth of my baby. While I had anticipated a rush of maternal love and happiness, I was instead overwhelmed by feelings of sadness, emptiness, and a sense of disconnect. As the days went on, these emotions didn't lift – they only deepened.

I started avoiding social interactions, even with close friends and family, and felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for not feeling the way I thought I should. My sleep patterns became disrupted, and I was either unable to sleep when the baby slept or found myself sleeping excessively. The exhaustion took a toll on my ability to think clearly or make even simple decisions.

The turning point was when I had a particularly intense moment of feeling utterly helpless and hopeless. I looked at my baby, and instead of feeling the overwhelming love I thought I should be feeling, I felt an intense wave of anxiety and despair. It was in that moment that I knew something wasn't right – that my feelings were more than just "baby blues."

I confided in my partner about what I was experiencing, and they encouraged me to seek help. Speaking to a healthcare provider, I learned that what I was going through was postpartum depression. It was a mix of relief and apprehension to put a name to what I was feeling. Recognizing it was the first step in seeking the support and treatment I needed to navigate through this challenging period.

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