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Doctor Aniruddh T Jagannath at secondmedic

Dr. Aniruddh T Jagannath

Dr Aniruddha Jagannath graduated from Bangalore medical college with honours and went on to pursue h

19 years Experience

50 Reviews

He is specialised in headache management, fits (epilepsy) and other neurological illnesses. He also treats neck pain and back pain. His emphasis is on accurate diagnosis and non-surgical line of therapy in these cases (as far as possible). He is specialized in skull base surgery(pituitary tumors) where the adenoma is removed through the nose. He also operates on spine with a small incision (minimally invasive spine surgery) for slip disc and spon Read More...

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Q1. How can I take Dr. Aniruddh T Jagannath appointment?

A. You can take Dr. Aniruddh T Jagannath online through Secondmedic for phone call, text message and video call with the doctor.

Q2. What is Dr. Aniruddh T Jagannath education qualification?

A. Dr. Aniruddh T Jagannath has the qualification of MCh - Neuro Surgery, MBBS Neurologist, Neurosurgeon

Q3. What is the experience of Dr. Aniruddh T Jagannath?

A. Dr. Aniruddh T Jagannath have 19 years of experience in specialty.

Q4. What is the specialty of Dr. Aniruddh T Jagannath?

A. Dr. Aniruddh T Jagannath specialty is Neurology,


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